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animal control


Animal cannot run at large or destroy property. 

Animals cannot disturb the neighborhood by barking or howling. 

Animal waste must be kept cleaned up, both in the pen and while walking your animal. 

Animals cannot chase vehicles or pedestrians on city streets or sidewalks. 

A female cat or dog must be kept in a closed building when in heat. 

No livestock (farm animals) may be kept inside the city limits unless on an acre of land & neighbors do not protest. 

You may not keep any wild animal except those available from a pet store. 

A dog must be on a leash when being walked. 

All animals must be supplied with adequate food, water, exercise, shelter and medical care. 

Do not leave an animal unattended in a vehicle when conditions in that vehicle would constitute a health hazard. 

All dogs, cats, and ferrets over the age of 3 months must be vaccinated against rabies in compliance with Indiana Code 15-2.1-3-19.  The rabies tag must be worn on a properly fitting collar at all times.