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The Washington Street Department is responsible for and provides our citizens with a safe Transportation System, a clean environment as well as improved conditions of the City’s Local Roads, Streets, and Alleyways. The Street Department is proud to provide the following comprehensive list of services provided by the Street Department to enhance the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the City.

What we do?

Recycling Center
Limb Pick Up
Ordinances clean up of trash, tall grass and weeds.
Stump Grinding of trees cut down by The City of Washington
Seasonal leaf pick up
Street Maintenance (Includes paving, restoration, preservation, sealing, markings etc...
Street Paving/Asphalt Repair/ Crack Sealing
Curb, Cross Walk Painting
Street Sign Maintenance
Bush Hog Right of Ways
Yard Waste (Bin located at the Street Department)
Mosquito Spraying Adulticiding (killing adult mosquitoes)
Snow and Ice Removal

2200 Memorial Avenue
Washington, IN 47501

(812) 254-4564

Email: streetcomm@washingtonin.us
Email: kfowler@washingtonin.us

Bryan Sergesketter
Street Commissioner
Kathy Fowler


Limb Pick Up: 

City Ordinance 98.05 states that a permit from the proper department must be obtained prior to job initiation of trimming and cutting trees.
The City of Washington Street Department wants to make the public aware that when using a hired contractor or hired individual to trim and/or cut trees, The City Ordinance 98.05 states they must obtain a permit from the proper department of the city administration before job initiation. All clean up and removal of limbs and debris from the site must be done by the hired contractor or hired individual not by the city. If the contractor or hired individual does not clean up and remove debris, the landowner is responsible for the cleanup. For more information call the Street Department 812-254-4564. Also if the landowner or current resident of the property does all of the cutting and work themselves the limbs need to be laid the same direction, do not crisscross, and do not stack too high at the curbside or edge of the alleyway for the City to pick up.

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Snow Removal

          The Washington Street Department utilizes five vehicles (snow plows and salt spreaders) in its snow fighting efforts. Each vehicle has a designated area assigned to allow for optimal clearing of the streets and improved driving conditions allowing for safe travels.
            The Washington Street Department crews work around the clock during snow events, initially concentrating on emergency zones, hills, and intersections. Lesser traveled streets are then cleared with cul-de-sacs, and dead ends to follow due to low traffic volumes. After all the streets have had one pass on each lane the crews will start widening the travel lanes. 

Why do the snow plow operators plow my driveway shut?

It is impossible for the snow plow operator to plow the windrow from every driveway. Snow plows push snow, it is not a bucket with which you can pick up snow and deposit it elsewhere. To avoid having to double shovel, simply wait until after your street has been plowed to clear your driveway. If you must shovel before the snow plow gets to your street, shovel the snow to the passing side of your driveway (the left side when entering your driveway). The plow will be past your driveway when it hits the snow.
Who clears sidewalks and driveways?
Both are the responsibility of residents and property owners. Residents should shovel snow into the yard, not onto the street. Putting snow onto the street causes dangerously slippery conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. City crews try to avoid putting large piles of snow in front of driveways; however, this is not always possible.
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