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Regular Transit Route and Off-Route Trip Information & Scheduling

General Information

Washington Transit is a department of the City of Washington and its services are funded through resources made available by the City of Washington, the Federal Transit Administration, the Indiana Department of Transportation and passenger fares. Washington Transit’s provides public transportation; services are available to everyone that complies with “System Rules” and “Passenger Conduct” standards (see below). Washington Transit does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, origin, age or disability in its services.

Washington Transit operates over a designated route within the corporate limits of the City of Washington and the Wal-Mart Super Center. Washington Transit also offers demand-responsive “off-route” services, as schedules permit, as described below. Each round trip covers sixty (60) minutes. Layover time, if needed to meet scheduled route time points, is taken at Jamestown Apartments. Information on Washington Transit’s service is available between 7AM-4PM, EST, Monday through Friday by calling (812) 254-4564; TDD phone number is (812) 254-4564.

Washington Transit bus schedules and route information is available via phone (812) 254-3564 during business hours and on-line at http://www.washingtonin.us/ under the “Departments” icon. Bus route/schedules are also available in printed form (in English and Spanish) at the Transit Office (2200 Memorial Avenue) City Hall (101 NE 3rd Street), Mayor’s Office (200 Harned Avenue), Sunset Towers (520 SE 2nd Street) and is posted at Wal-Mart Supercenter (1801 South Highway 57). Bus schedules are available in Braille for vision-impaired persons upon request (812) 254-4564.

Drivers are city employees that are specially trained, licensed, safe and courteous

Buses are clean and smoke-free

Passengers should expect that schedule delays can occur due to traffic, bad weather or any other problem beyond the driver’s control.

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Days & Hours of Service

Washington Transit’s service hours are Monday - Friday, 7AM - 5PM EST (final trip begins at 4PM and ends at 5PM, EST). Washington Transit does not operate on the following holidays: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Primary Election Day (May), Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th or date officially observed by the City of Washington), Labor Day, General Election Day (November), Thanksgiving Day and Friday after, Christmas Eve (if on a weekend, the date officially observed by the City of Washington), and Christmas Day (if on a weekend, the date officially observed by the City of Washington).

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Fares (One-Way)

Regular Fare: 75 cents ($0.75)
Students (K-12): 50 cents ($0.50)
Senior Citizens: 25 cents ($0.25)*
Disabled Persons: 25 cents ($0.25)*

Passengers are encouraged to have exact fares when boarding the bus. If necessary, drivers will make change for $5 bills or less. Passengers must physically insert cash fare and elderly discount coupons, as applicable, in the bus farebox. Drivers do not handle cash fares.
*To receive the senior fare discount, one must be at least sixty (60) years of age and must register in advance with Senior and Family Services, 211 East Main Street, Washington, IN. To receive disability fare discount, one must be registered in advance with the Washington Transit Department. For more information, please call (812) 254-4564 or TTD (812) 254-8223.

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All of Washington Transit’s buses are handicapped accessible (wheelchair lifts) and service is provided curb-to-curb. Drivers will assist as needed when boarding and exiting the vehicle.

Driver assistance does not include assistance from door-to-door. The vehicle’s lift is available for passengers who are unable to use the bus entrance/exit steps.

Portable oxygen tanks are permitted.

Service animals are allowed.

Car seats that are required by law must be used and provided by the passenger.

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Off-Route Trips

Washington Transit offers route-deviation (off regular route) services, at regular fares, on a call-in demand responsive basis during normal business hours (7AM-4PM Monday-Friday, except normally observed holidays). Off-route trips are restricted to within three quaters of a mile of the regular bus route and the corporate boundaries of the City of Washington. Washington Transit does not provide service outside the Washington city limits, excepts for the Wal-Mart Super Center.

City residents interested in trips outside the Washington corporate limits (other than Wal-Mart Supercenter) may contact the dispatch center of Ride Solutions (Washington) toll free at 1-877-369-8899 to schedule a trip outside the City of Washington.

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Scheduling an Off-Route Trip/Ride

Call the Washington Transit Dispatch Office at 2200 Memorial Avenue, Washington, IN at (812) 254-4564 and be prepared to provide the information listed below; off-route bus rides are available on first-come, first-serve basis.  It is best to call at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a ride. Same day services will be accommodated only if schedules allow. Timing of off-route deviation trips will be consistent with closest point off regular route.

When requesting a ride, please be ready to provide the following information:

Your name, address and phone number
Date and time of your request (time of pickup will be determined by closest access point off regular route)
Destination address
Return time if needed and address if different than original destination address
Will you be using a wheelchair or mobility device (i.e. walker or other?)
If you will be traveling with a personal care attendant or service animal

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Off-Route Trip Rules

Off-Route Trip Cancellations and “No Shows”: Off-Route scheduled trip cancellations should be made as soon as possible. A “no show” occurs if a driver shows up for a scheduled off-route pickup and the passenger does not. Passengers who are a “no show” or fail to cancel their trips less than sixty (60) minutes ahead of time will be required to pay for the trip before any future rides can be provided. Passengers with 3 or more “no shows” in a 60-day period may lose privileges for off-route transport by Washington Transit. Please remember that this time slot has been scheduled for you. A no-show or short cancellation has prevented someone else from riding and/or has delayed regular route service for others. The driver is only allowed to wait for off-route passengers no more than three (3) minutes after scheduled pick-up time. Drivers have a fixed schedule to meet and delays cause inconvenience for other passengers waiting on the bus.

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Passenger Conduct

No smoking or chewing tobacco is allowed on the bus
No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus
Passengers must remain seated when vehicle is moving
Please be courteous; no profane language allowed
For safety reasons, please do not distract the driver
Disregard for any of the above may result in loss of riding privileges
Washington Transit is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items

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Weather Policy

Washington Transit reserves the right to suspend operations on certain portions of the regular route and any off-route trips if roads or conditions are deemed unsafe for passengers or drivers.

It is the goal of Washington Transit to provide the greatest number of passengers with prompt, efficient, friendly service at an affordable price.

Passengers should be aware that the driver may be picking up and dropping off other passengers before reaching their destinations. If driver has not arrived 15 minutes after scheduled pick-up time, please call dispatch (812) 254-4564; all Washington Transit buses are equipped with two-way radios for communications between the dispatch office and driver.

Riders may call 812-254-4564 and ask to speak with the Washington Street Commissioner - Transit Manager if customer service expectations are not being met.

Email: eevans@washingtonin.us
Email: citytran@washingtonin.us

Bryan Sergesketter

Street Commissioner
Transit Manager

Aaron Mullen

Street Commissioner
Transit Manager

Kathy Fowler

Transit Dispatch